Students share trips from past, hopes trips to come

The dreams of spring break on the horizon are now in the rear-view mirror, but the memories created during that time will not leave us. For high-school students, a whole week off school is almost always an offer to pass up, and many will find themselves taking the time to venture outside Iowa, or even just Cedar Falls. Even while spring break holds a high potential for trips, there are still many times throughout the school year for students to fit in a vacation. Perhaps even the tales shared about one’s experience during these trips provide enough excitement to marvel over until the next opportunity rolls around. 


  1. AJ Stinson (junior)

“In February of 2022, my family took a vacation to Florida.  We flew out of Cedar Rapids into Orlando.  We then rented a van and drove to my aunt’s house which was like 20 min from the airport. The next day we went to Cocoa Beach to see the ocean and collect shells. After that we shopped at Ron Jon’s Surf Shop and Ateaunt’s at a local seafood restaurant before heading back to my aunt’s house for the evening. The next morning we woke up and went to Disney world where it was as busy as ever. We went to Magic Kingdom and it was so crowded we only rode 3 rides the whole day, space mountain even had a 3-hour wait. Day 3 was very eventful starting with Ripley’s Believe it or Not! museum, followed by Hooters for lunch then a quick stop for a tattoo where we then ended the day at Icon park/Fun Spot.  I even sky-glided from 2000 feet in the air, what a rush!  Day 4 was shopping at sketchy flea markets and a trip to Gatorland followed by supper at my aunt’s favorite restaurant. On day 5 we packed up the van and headed west to Clearwater Beach where we stayed 2 days basking in the sun and going on a dolphin sightseeing tour. On day 7 we returned the van, hopped on a plane, and back to frozen Iowa we went.”


  1. Midnight Thornton (senior)

“OK, so this is a vacation that I find to be super memorable and that was when my family and I went to the Mall of America and the only thing I can remember about that trip was that Sea World section. I remember going through this tunnel made of glass, so it felt like I was surrounded by water that couldn’t touch me. It felt so disconnected from the rest of the world, and I think that’s what made it feel kinda magical. Along with that, every animal in that tunnel seemed to be moving with intent like it was something they had planned before-hand. They had a show they had prepared just for us and were excited to perform it. I know that’s further from the truth but as a kid that’s what it felt like.”


  1. Ash Keve (senior)

I would love to go to Ireland. The land is beautiful, and I love the history behind many of its buildings, not to mention I was born on St. Patrick’s Day and it’s a dream to celebrate my birthday and the holiday in its native country.

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