Students share thoughts on prom before going

Prom will take place at the Bien Venu Event Center on May 13 this year and is considered by many to be one of the biggest events for high school students during the school year. Whether you are going with a date or friends or you were forced to go, many students treat prom as one of the pinnacles of social life in the student body. Seeing your friends wearing gorgeous prom dresses or sleek tuxedos is certainly a sight to behold, and if you’re lucky enough to have a date along with you, seeing them spruced up for the occasion may just make your heart melt right at that moment. Of course, many simply choose not to attend prom, for a belief it’s overrated, detentions or other personal reasons. 

For seniors, however, there may just be something more impactful about their last prom. The seniors will be the first since the lockdown to have the ability to attend two prom events, so we decided to reach out to several seniors to ask their thoughts on prom, whether they will be attending or not, to see what their last prom means to them. 


  1. Kylie Buchholz (Attending both years)

“I chose to attend prom last year because I enjoy hanging out with friends and making memories together, and prom is a good way to do that. Some of my friends were also seniors last year, and I wanted to be able to experience a dance with them. I am participating in prom this year because I want to make some fun memories with my friends and take a night to relax in the midst of a stressful year. Also, some of my friends are foreign exchange students, and they only get one opportunity to experience prom, which is this year. I am excited to get to make some memories with all of my friends and see them get dressed up.”


  1. Carter Balvanz (Attended last year, not attending this year)

“I’m not going to prom this year because the music was too loud, and I got super hot and sweaty. It just made me super uncomfortable. Post prom was good though. I’m going to post prom this year.”


  1. Kaydee Hayes (Attending both years)

“I was asked by a boy!”


  1. Jules Glascock (Attending both years)

“Felt like I had to, y’know? I didn’t wanna miss out on something that could be really fun. Last year wasn’t that fun. I don’t really know why I’m going this year, other than to hang out with my friends and to have an excuse to put on a dress and some all-out, full-glam makeup and go out in public looking hot.”


  1. Anthony Wilmer (Not attending both years)

“I just wasn’t interested. I have work from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. on weekends, and afterward, I feel very tired for the rest of the day. Also, a game I’ve been looking forward to for six years now is coming out this Friday, and I’d like to play that over the weekend instead. Also, I don’t like social interaction and chaos, so prom is a no-go for me.”


  1. Nohea Mahi (Attended both years)

I am going to prom because it is my last school dance, and I think it will be a fun opportunity to hang out with my friends.” 


  1. Ryan Gaines (Attending both years)

“I attended prom last year because I wanted to have a fun, memorable time with my friends and classmates. I enjoyed last year’s prom. Why shouldn’t I spend another enjoyable night with my friends? I hope to create more everlasting memories.”


  1. Kadence King (Attended last year, not attending this year)

“I thought [last year’s prom] could be fun, and I had some fun people I went with. I’m not going this year because it gets boring after 20 minutes. Sophomores should not be put in the big raffles let alone put back in if they win something at post-prom.”


  1. Vera Patterson (First year attending)

“I choose to go to prom because this will be my last year to ever go to a prom dance. I didn’t go last year because I didn’t know who I would go with. I want to make more memories with my close friends, and I also wanted to see if I like prom because this is my very first prom that I am ever going to.”


  1. Abby Brodhead (Attending both years)

“I thought [last year’s prom] would be fun, and I wanted to go with my friends. Mainly, I’m going because my friends are going. I also wanted to go to dress up nice since there isn’t a lot of opportunities to do so.”

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