Buddies starts next week for another successful year

Buddies is a Tiger Time enrichment program at Peet every Wednesday. The purpose of Buddies is to make friends and to have an inclusive and friendly environment for kids with special needs. This is an enrichment opportunity to get to play games, do seasonal activities and make friends.

Buddies is currently run by Clayton Werkman and ninth grader Darby Irwin. Werkman provides a space for buddies for endless opportunities. Werkman said, “I enjoy helping those who some people don’t know about or who are forgotten.” 

Next week Buddies is going to open once again. Buddies has been around for several years. Irwin was chosen to be a committee member in seventh grade by a teacher. Her job is to make sure everyone has a friend and that everyone is having fun. “I love to see the look on their faces in the hallway when they have someone to say hi to,” Irwin said. 

Each week Buddies does a different activity. These activities are often seasonal such as trick or treating, holiday parties, snowball fights and more. They also compete in the Special Olympics. 

Something that has changed over the years of Buddies is the diversity. Last year Buddies almost doubled from about 15 students to 30. Students can sign up to be in Buddies in the September enrichments form.

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