Men’s, women’s basketball seasons under way

So far this season both the men’s and women’s basketball teams have had a lot of success, as they begin their seasons. 

On the men’s side, they have only played in a scrimmage game against Marion on Saturday, Nov. 25, where they won by 40 points. They will play Waterloo  East at East High on Saturday, Dec. 2 at 2:30. 

Senior Tanner Jacobsen said, “So far this season the team has been doing very good. Even though we haven’t had an official game, the scrimmage went well, and practices have been going very well. You can tell the team is ready to have a good season.”

He said, “The goals for the team are obviously to make the state tournament, and hopefully have a very good run, and maybe a chance to win it. My goal for myself is to shoot at least 40 percent from 3, if not better, and to be able to contribute to the team.”

On the women’s side of the court, they started the season with a win over Waterloo East, and then narrowly missed out on their second victory, coming up 5 points short in a game against Ankeny. 

“The season has been pretty good. We all played together last year, so we already have a good connection on the court. The goal is to make it to State as a team,” sophomore Karis Finley said. “Personally, the season for me has been good as well. I would love to play in college, so I think all of the experience I have gained this year so far will help with that and also build more confidence in myself.”

In the women’s third game of the season, they captured another win by defeating Dubuque Hempstead, 66-31.

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