Online PE available for those with full schedules

Online PE class is a self paced class that replaced the old Early Bird PE that used to meet before school from 7:10-7:50 a.m.

 To qualify for online PE, sophomores must have a full class schedule and can not fit a PE class into their schedule. Freshman Fatema Abeer is an example of one of these students. Abeer said, “I decided to take online PE because I have a full schedule. I benefit by getting another .5 credit each semester giving me 1 credit. What I like about this is that it’s self-paced and you can do it whenever you want to within a month.”

In this online class, there are monthly assignments such as a monthly exercise log, a unit focus and a fitness focus. For this class, there are no Zoom meetings, and Jamie Smith is the teacher for this class. She said, “Online PE is obviously different because it is not in person, but it is also self-paced.”

Although, online PE may not be the best for every student. Smith said, ““A high school sophomore student should not take online PE if they are not a self-motivated learner or if they are not attentive to email or Schoology.” Online classes can be difficult for some students if they are not disciplined enough.

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