Teacher Feature: Amberly Habhab

Art teacher Amberly Habhab is a remarkable teacher, known for creating a positive environment in her classroom. She communicates clear expectations for both work and behavior, and often plays music while her students work on art projects. This not only adds to the positive atmosphere but also allows students to give their music suggestions, making the classroom experience more engaging and personalized. As she said, “Students are able to choose where they sit, but they also have times where they will talk to new students for critiques.”

Habhab said she believes that “art is a way to escape from reality for a short period of time.” 

She makes a point to get to know each student, which helps her push them to do their best work. One of her students, sophomore Shojoon Naseri, said, “She listens and she is kind to me and other students.” Habhab’s efforts to understand her students’ interests and to help them understand the importance of feelings in their artwork make her an effective and caring teacher.

Habhab finds great joy in seeing her students’ finished projects and witnessing their growth and pride in their work. She said, “A moment that I will never forget as a teacher is seeing finished projects when students can see their growth within the medium and are proud of their finished work.” 

However, teaching comes with its challenges. Habhab said, “The largest challenge is when students don’t see their own potential or not being confident in their abilities.” 

Despite these challenges, she continues to support and inspire her students. Naseri appreciates Amberly’s approach to teaching and said Habhab is “very kind and actually teaches,” and that she makes learning “fun to do and understand the meaning of the art.”

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