Teacher feature: Sydney Petersen

English teacher Sydney Petersen is known for creating a positive and fun classroom environment. She said, “To create a positive environment in my classroom, I try to enjoy all of the little things that happen and reach out to students to create relationships. I try to make all lessons and activities fun even when they are not so fun.”

Petersen said loves playing fun games like Blooket and card games with her class when there’s extra time, and she treasures the moments when her students understand a concept. “I will always remember the moments when ‘it clicks’ in students’ minds.” 

To keep her students motivated, she said, “I try my best to show students why we are learning what we are learning or doing what we are doing. I also try to push my students to their capability.” 

Sophomore Naomi Guzman said Petersen is “super nice and has a good teaching method.” Guzman said she appreciates that Petersen “gave extra time to finish work and help everyone be successful.” 

She also said, “She is really nice and wants everyone to succeed in her class by motivating and doing fun things,” such as “playing movies, doing fun work.” 

One memorable activity for Guzman was making posters in class, which she enjoyed. “She has fun activities for us to do, and I like how in one unit we were able to make our own posters in class.”

Despite challenges like classroom management, finding time to create engaging lessons and grading, Petersen always puts her students first.

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