Top Two Music Videos on Last Day of School
Andrew Malaya
Austin Schaub

Hi-Line Online May 27
For the final assignment in class, we have a number of news stories, and here is what was finished by the deadline:
New gym construction progress by Casey Robbins

Friends trim hair in support of cancer patient by Austin Schaub

Math teachers retire by Jeff Daniels

Soccer team readies for State by Nick Gary

Quidditch returns to intramurals by Andrew Malley

Teacher dress code creates new expectations for staff by Lizzie Dobson

D.E.A.R. replaced by study hall by Jaclynn Thoms

Yearbook progress nears end by Steve Mauer

Hi-Line Online May 20
This week we have two active stories: one on a dual for a trip to the state track meet and the other on Parkour class taught by CFHS students.
Hi-Line Online May 6
Power braclets and Teen Trust are the focus of today’s show.
Hi-Line Online May 2
This week we check in with the cafe creations of the foods class, the news from some of our early grads and those planning to graduate and also the latest from the trapshooting team.
Hi-Line Online April 25
When that supper bell rings, there are any number of ways to find students sharing their mealtimes. Students are also sharing their plans for prom next week.
Hi-Line Online April 14
Check in this week to meet our new resource officer, learn about the effects of all those energy drinks on teens and see the results of two students who are making their own prom dresses.
Hi-Line Online April 12
This week will follow a prom dress shopper, the green scene on the UNI campus and a student with a new CD created with an iPod app.
Hi-Line Online March 25
Due to the week off for spring break, the week off for gearing back up and some unfortunate illnesses at deadline, here are some oldie but still goodies stories on mountain biking, speech team and indoor track.
Hi-Line Online March 3
Two shows in one week! Tune in today for a profile of the recent winners on a writing contest and a student who donated her hair to Locks of Love.
Hi-Line Online March 1
This week the musical, the dance team and Harlem Wizards fundraiser all provided a state for Tigers to show their stripes.
Hi-Line Online Feb. 18
The bowling team is ready for Districts this weekend, so check out this profile of the team. Also, see what students are saying about the remainders of their schedules for next year after the changes in the PE requirements.

Hi-Line Online Feb. 11
This week we take you to Dead Man’s Hill, one of the best sledding spots in the Valley, and we also preview the top swimming team in the state right before the state tournament in Marshalltown.

Hi-Line Online Jan. 28

Hi-Line Online Jan. 13
Don’t wait for the Super Bowl ads. It’s time for our annual commercial parody projects!

Life Alert by AJ Langel, Andrew Peverill and Dustin Peverill
MOFISHI Ball by Jeff Daniels, Jacob Hunemuller and Steve Mauer
1-800-ShakeIt by Joey Knief, Andrew Malley, Casey Robbins, Drew Suggs and Austin Schaub
State Farm by Lizzie Dobson and Jaime Zarate with special guest Mariah Anderson
Teach Me How To Snuggie by Nick Gary, Austin Hansen and Hannah Roethler

Hi-Line Online Dec. 22
Three-day week, so here’s a short vox pop regarding students’ plans for their limited class time.

Hi-Line Online Dec. 17
This week we roll out a couple videos that were actually finished last week: the results of the entrepreneurship class and the adventures of the Jingle Choir. We also check in to see how students weathered last weekend’s blizzard as well as all the latest in sports.

Hi-Line Online Dec. 10
And … we’re back. This we’ll show you how the Tigers did at the state dance contest last weekend and profile a very special freshman wrestler. Students also chime in on having finals before the holiday break.

Hi-Line Online Nov. 19
Last week we had no school, so it was impossible to whip up a whole news show for this week; however, we did find time to put together some voxpops. Enjoy!
Christmas presents
Superbowl Predictions

Hi-Line Online Nov. 19
Also working on a short week due to the smoke stack, we were able to squeeze out a story on that issue and a profile of student plans for the big fall break next week.

Hi-Line Online Nov. 15
Due to school being closed last week for the emergency with the smokestack repairs, this is late in uploading, but the stories on first-time voters and the dance team are as newsworthy as ever.

Hi-Line Online Nov. 5
Come with us this week as we check out how well the traffic on Division is obeying the rules of the road and also drop in on a unique partnership with our “arch rivals” on the soccer field.

Hi-Line Online Oct. 28
With a short week due to the teacher in-service day tomorrow, we were able to squeeze out this episode sharing what students have planned for Halloween and profiling the leadership brought by the head football coaches: Pat Mitchell and Brad Remmert.

Hi-Line Online Oct. 22
This week we revisit a topic we focused on last spring: Belagarth, the student-run medieval reenactment club. We also explore two seasonal topics: what students are planning to dress up as for Halloween and Casey Schwickerath and his plans to ready his dog for the upcoming hunting season.

Hi-Line Online Oct. 15
This we check in with CF’s highest placing golfer after the state tournament, junior Jake Bermel, and we hear what students think about who’s gonna win tonight volleyball contest between the students and staff.

Hi-Line Online Oct. 8
This edition features stories on the food drive, “Packed in Pink” campaign, and student views on their part time jobs.

Hi-Line Online Oct. 1
This edition features homecoming highlights.

Door Project

by Lizzie Dobson, Joey Knief, Casey Robbins and Jaime Zarate

Door Project
by Jeff Daniels, Andrew Malley, Austin Schaub and Drew Suggs

Door Project
by Serenity Cornelius, Nick Gary, Austin Hansen, Jon McCaughey, Hannah Roethler

Door Project
by Jacob Hunemuller, AJ Langel, Steve Mauer, Andrew Peverill and Dusin Peverill

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