Keeping the Beat CF

with host Bennett Ford
Learn to play the drums with this tutorial podcast.

K9 Chrissyy

with host Christina Brammer
Follow these lessons to teach your dog some new tricks.

Weekly Sports Talk
with hosts Kalehl Brown and Jared Hylton
This show tackles the latest in CF and national sports news.

with host Austin Hansen
This show will explore the many options available for everyone on the UNI campus.

LT Shorts
with host Tarrell Christie and Luke Kreger
Take a trip with us on different humorous skit every episode.

with host Dylan Degroot
This show does old school by highlighting a different board game on every episode.

Food Review
with hosts Kyle Creger and Jacob Hunemuller
This show will review a different Cedar Valley restaurant every couple weeks.

Kiss the Cook CF
with hosts Joey Dobson and Clint Fletcher
Follow our tips to whipping up something good in the kitchen.

Circus Born 1
with host Austin Schaub
This video podcast will entertain and astound with each episode of new tricks to take your act to the big top.

with host Richie Korneisel
Take this child’s toy into grownup leagues with these video tips.

Fashion Tips
with host Lisa Morales
Stop here for the latest in hair care and makeup tips.

Page by Page
with host Emily Peck
The world of books is still booming after Harry Potter, and I’ll point out some bright options.

Cedar Valley Sound
with hosts Evan Fairbanks and Mason Wise
The Valley is alive with undergound music options, and we’ll let you in on the latest.

Crafts with Jaime
with host Jaime Zarate
Carrying on the tradition from last year’s top show, this video podcast will give you easy to follow steps to making crafts in little time.

Cooking for Men
with hosts Andy Hughes and Drew Suggs
Picking up where a popular podcast left off two years ago, guys can follow this show to success when hunger calls.

Dessert Time with D and G
with hosts Drew Langel and Garrett McCready
What’s a better way to finish off our list of cooking shows than with these steps to delicious desserts.

Club Corner with Ben
with host Ben Harter
There’s no excuse to not get involved after exploring all of the CFHS club options on this show.

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