Senator Ney fries the French: Word ‘French’ switched with ‘freedom’ in Congressional cafe

By Annick de Graaf 2003

What do we do about the “hamburger/? While it may not literally refer to a country, Hamburg is a big city in Germnay. Ohio Pepublican Robert Ney forgot to think about this cafeteria product.

On Tuesday, March 11, Ney ordered the word “French” removed from congressional cafeteria menus to protest France’s refusal to back the United States in war against Iraq. Oh, and let’s not forget the french toast, now to called “freedom toast.”

Some background information about Ney tells us that he is of French descent, or do I have to say freedom descent? he lives in St. Clairsville, which sounds pretty French to me. His motive is heart-warming and loyal in changing the menu to show support for the U.S. troops who are in the Middle East fighting Iraq.

As if they would care, that is if they ever heard about these freedoms. And they totally think about the Americans who support them during this time, eating “freedom fries” and “freedom toast.” Can’t Ney think of another way to show his support, something less weird and foolish?

As he said, “The French government is pure wrong. It’s a wonderful gesture to tell our troops overseas that we’re behind them.” Very interesting to show his support in this way. Indeed, it is very original, but can’t he just say, “Guys, you’re doing a great job, and we support you”?

The French embassy officials in Washington, D.C., said the move was more ridiculous than insulting, as most probably many people think. According to spokeswoman Nathalie Loiseau, “It’s exactly a non-issue. We focus on the serious issues.”

She gave some historic information too, as fries in France aren’t French anyway. French fries are called “les pommes frites,” which literally means fried apples, and, as Loiseau added, french fries are originally from Belgium, a small country next to France.

The French people are maybe even happy with the change because the french fries aren’t a good example of their kitchen. How they prepare their food is absolutely delicious, not something so boring and greasy, and french fries are most likely more insulting than complimenting to them. They are probably delighted that the fries aren’t referring to France anymore.

What else can I say? I’ll maybe stop by McDonald’s for some “freedom fries” and a hamburger …

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