Red, white and blue, the patriotic trend

By Margaret Poe 2004

Forget the Goths. These days, black is no cooler than an “I love Saddam Hussein” bumper sticker.

In fact, just about any look (chic, modern, professional, etc.) can be achieved using color. But wait–don’t go out and revamp your wardrobe hap-hazardly with pink, orange or teal; that could be disastrous. Instead, just stick to the new basics: red, white and blue.

When going all out in the patriotic theme, it is important to be tasteful. For instance, wearing too much red or white in comparison to blue might give the impression that you support the 13 original colonies more wholeheartedly than the remaining 37.

Worse yet, all that red and white might sort of blend together in the passerby’s eye, a dangerous occurence. You do not want them to think you are wearing an all-pink ensemble, just on the off-chance that they are sorority recruiters.

There are other dangers which may trap you in your quest to Red White and Blue, 24-7. Doing the laundry will take a significantly longer time than it did before. Here is a tip: take the extra time to separate your colors. Once again, the pink catastrophe could strike, as well as a funky I-wish-I-hadn’t-put-bleach-in-with-my-jeans look. On the bright side, though, your accidental bleaching can’t possibly make your jeans look any weirder than some of the trendy styles in stores today.

And what kind of patriotic style would be complete without the stars? Think of all the great American phrases having to do with stars. You can be a starry-eyed or star-crossed lover, a reality show star, or, if you achieve the elite status of such talents as Britney Spears or N’Sync (in their glory days, of course), a super star. What better proof do you need than that?
Stars are as American as, well, red, white and blue. Incorporating them into your ensemble not only shows your excellent sense of style but your wholehearted lvoe of the land of the free.

Trends come and go, but celebrating the institutions which keep us free never goes out of style. So get out there, stock up on the “new black,” and before you know it, your friends are going to be reprimanding you for humming “God Bless America” as you walk down the hall.

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