‘And then my heart with pleasure fills And dances with the daffodils …’

By Courtney Carlo and Cyrus Moussavi 2005

When walking into Cedar Falls High School, one of the first things one notices (besides the prison fence) are the bright yellow flowers around the main entrance. Just last week the daffodils began to bloom. And just last week, students, not considering how selfish and rude it was to steal the flowers, began to pick them.

In no time, many of the plants were stripped of their flowers. It is hard for students to resist picking a few of the cheerful blossoms for themselves to enjoy, but this is a temptation people need to resist.

And seriously, who steal flowers anyway? Not only are you stealing from the school, but it’s hurtful to the environment too, almost as bad as writing in “Dick Cheney” in the next presidential election.

And if Dick Cheney doesn’t scare you, think of the bumblebees. What will those little guys when the daffodils are gone? Probably flower pickers’ faces — nature always serves justice.

Besides, the flower pickers will only be able to enjoy them for a day or so before they shrivel up and die. Why not leave them for everyone to enjoy for weeks to come?

If the theft of the daffodils continues, the only thing left to greet visitors and students at school will be some barren plants and a six-foot tall fence.


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