Our View: Debates mark best reality show ever

By Cyrus Moussavi 2005

This first major presidential debate will take place this Thursday in the state formerly known as Florida, and it promises to be the biggest and baddest of all reality shows.

While more people may be excited for the gut wrenching thrills of “The Mole Pt. 8, Vietnam,” the presidential and vice-presidential debates will be at least as weird and bewildering as anything Fear Factor can come up with. Dick Cheney on the microphone is just as scary as that naked guy on Survivor.

But his is one of the most heated debates in American history and could decide the fate of our existence. The fact that it will probably get a lower Nielsen rating than some episodes of American Idol (and probably move less people to vote as well) is definitely disturbing.

We hope that everything we just said turns out to be false, but we’re not optimistic. It is not surprising that such and important but freak-show, circus-style election can easily get clumped in with the excitement of human electrocution on “The Amazing Race,” but it is our duty to look past all the hullab-allusions and try to get some real information out of this debate.

After this presidential race peaked at the classic Howard Dean freak out, it’s hard to care about what’s going on. But this election is a pretty important deal, so, instead of going out and blowing your cash on William Hung’s Hanging with Hung CD, check out another form of sweet karaoke, Bush and Kerry stump speeches, the Superbowl of al reality shows.

So for those of you throwbacks who still watch Survivor and the rest of those absurd reality shows, this the one that will certainly affect your very own reality.

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