Bomb threat, other pranks disrupt homecoming week

By Audrey Kittrell 2008

As Homecoming Week neared it’s end, a number of pre-meditated pranks hit Cedar Falls High School, including a bomb threat which left a complex investigation for CFHS staff and the Cedar Falls Police Department.

Last Thursday, students were shuffled out of their third period classes as fire alarms sounded in the school.

Shortly after, students and staff watched as a banner dropped from the roof of the building displaying an explicit message. It was later announced that two smoke bombs had been simultaneously released in the school’s stairwells.

Later that night, vandals spray-painted graffiti on the building with similar messages.

At approximately 11:30 a.m. on Friday morning, the school had to be evacuated once again because of a phoned-in bomb threat.

Students and staff were entertained by the marching band, a yo-yo performer and cheerleaders for over an hour as the school was searched by the Cedar Falls Police and Fire Departments.

Other minor pranks involving animals took place, but the vandal was caught shortly after.

The pranks will result in suspension or potentially expulsion from the school, but larger charges will be brought from the Cedar Falls Police Department for the bomb threat, since it is considered a felony.

“We don’t want to rush on finding the people responsible. It needs to be done properly to locate the person or persons involved. There is also still a chance that both or one of the pranks may not have been a Cedar Falls student,” Principal Rich Powers said.

Costs for damages to the high school involve fees to the fire department and hiring a company to remove unwanted graffiti left on the school.

“About 10 members from Senior Leadership brought power washers to remove graffiti on the walls of the school. We’re very thankful for that. They stepped up to take care of what was important to them,” Powers said.

Despite the incidents, all homecoming activities remained scheduled.

“We had great turnouts for the dance and game.  The bottom line is students deserve the opportunity. The kids responded well, and I have a hard time allowing some people ruin it for the rest of the student body,” Powers said.

Students are still encouraged to report any information dealing with the pranks if they feel it will help in resolving the investigations.

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