10 years of Eason Grant provide big benefit for staff, students

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For 10 years, Dr. Donald H. Beisner, MD, has given $10,000 each year to Cedar Falls High School. Out of this money $5,000 is given to a student pursuing a math or science career as a scholarship and $5,000 is given to supplement the budgets of the CFHS math and science departments as a part of the Eason Teacher Enhancement Grant.

This money has helped 10 students to pursue their chosen careers in the fields of math and science. Without it, these students may not have been able to pursue their chosen careers as easily.

Also, money from the Eason Teacher Enhancement Grant has greatly improved the math and science departments. The money often covers aspects of education that are beneficial to students but not included as a part of the regular operating budget, such as technology like projectors and courses and workshops for teachers.

Not only has Beisner’s contribution benefitted education by providing for important resources, but it has also helped to demonstrate the importance of teachers and the education for students that they provide.

Both the scholarship and grant are given in honor of Oliver (Bud) Eason, who was a CFHS math and science teacher for 40 years and continues to teach today.

Beisner, who was a student of Eason’s, remembers Eason for his excellent teaching and because of this wanted the scholarship and grant to be given in honor of him.

By choosing to bestow this money, Beisner shows how truly important a good education and a good teacher is.
Dr. Beisner has not only improved education by accommodating for improved resources and providing scholarships, but by demonstrating the importance of good teachers.

Beisner is truly grateful to Eason for the years of good education that he gave him, and we are truly grateful to him for the same.

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