Despite critical reception, Sarah Palin ready to lead

Alex Clopton/Guest Editorial
Sarah Palin. The name that makes liberals explode with irrational tirades in the editorials … and virtually everybody else grin.
She’s only been in the nation’s eye for a few weeks, but she’s already become an object of the media’s hate. Strangely, the polls show she is now more popular than Barack. Apparently the American people see through the media’s bias, and they like what they see.

Palin served two terms as mayor of Wasilla, Alaska. She managed the day to day operations of a small town. This experience can’t be disregarded simply because it is a small town. It demonstrates she understands small town America and the everyday working American. As mayor, she reduced her own salary by 10 percent and lowered property taxes on the citizens of Wasilla.
The media reported that Palin asked the local librarian if she would censor books if asked to do so. It is amazing that the media uncovered this small question between a mayor of a town of 9,780 and her librarian within two weeks after her nomination, yet it took them over a year to report on the vehemently anti-American statements made from the pulpit of Obama’s “pastor and spiritual mentor of 20 years.” The media has yet to extensively report on Obama’s terrorist pal William Ayers.

Anyway, the truth of the censorship matter was that Palin never asked the librarian to censor any books. In complete ignorance of the facts, the liberal blogosphere has circulated a long list of books that Palin purportedly targeted for censorship. Some of the books on this list hadn’t even been published when Palin allegedly demanded they be removed. This pack of lies is one of many that have been given credence by the liberal media. They have even gone so far to say that Palin’s six-month-old son is actually her daughter’s son.

At a time when the realization of energy independence is at the core of our nation’s continued economic and national security, Palin has led. Palin has served as the chair of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. She led the commission that regulates one of our nation’s largest oil reserves. Alaska’s offshore oil reserves are second only to the entire Gulf of Mexico.
Alaska also has our nation’s two largest concentrations of onshore oil in ANWR and the National Petroleum Reserve of Alaska. Although the federal government has imposed a ban on drilling in ANWR, Palin has supported efforts to lift this ban to provide our nation with some breathing room in the transition from our dependence on foreign oil to our development of alternative energy.

Palin was recently named chair of the National Governors Association Natural Resources Committee. She leads the combined effort of all 50 states to push legislation at the federal level concerning agriculture, energy, environmental protection, and resource management. Palin is the Chair of the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission.

She leads the multi-state government agency that promotes the conservation and recovery of domestic oil and natural gas resources. Her executive leadership on the major issue of our day, energy independence, makes Palin extremely qualified to be vice-president of the United States.

Palin is the governor of Alaska — the richest oil and gas state in America. In her first legislative session, she passed legislation to construct a natural gas pipeline from Alaska to the Continental United States. This pipeline will be the largest private-sector infrastructure project in North American history. It will pump over 4 billion cubic feet of natural gas to The Lower 48 and create thousands of jobs. As governor, she raised taxes on the oil industry in Alaska and gave that money back to Alaskans in the form of a $1,200 energy tax credit. This credit helps Alaskans pay for their expensive heating bills.

Due to the increased revenue from the taxes on the oil industry, Palin was also able to suspend the state’s fuel tax, providing further relief to Alaskans. Palin successfully rooted out corruption in her Alaskan State Republican Party and brought accountability to the Alaskan government. Palin passed legislation that completely overhauled the state’s ethics laws. She sold the state’s luxury jet, and got rid of the personal driver and personal chef. The people of Alaska, who know her best, currently give her a 68 percent approval rating. Her ratings have been as high as 80 percent.

The fact that Palin has been a governor is very important in explaining why she would be able to take over the responsibilities of president if John McCain were to die in office. Governors have the same responsibilities at the state level as the president has at the federal level. Being a governor of a state is a small-scale version of being president of the United States. Governor’s deal with the same departments at the state level as the president deals with at the federal level. Governors introduce a budget to the state legislature, just like a president does to Congress.

Governors have to make tough decisions on issues everyday.They can’t skip votes or vote “present.” Governors are responsible for deploying their state’s National Guard in response to natural disasters and crisis.Being a governor is quite possibly the best preparation one can get for being president of the United States.

Palin has been accused of being a bad mother for not staying at home to take care of her special needs baby. Liberals are asking if Sarah Palin can fulfill the duties of vice-president and take care of her children at the same time. When do they ever ask a man that question?

Some also say she shouldn’t run because she is going to be a grandmother. How many vice-presidents in our history have been fathers and grandfathers? The underlying sexism in these statements is appalling.

If elected, Palin will be an extremely effective vice-president. Her many accomplishments prove her a successful leader in Alaska.

Let’s be honest, Palin has more executive experience than Obama and Biden combined. She’s ready to lead.

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