Students struck by recession can find other resolutions to money problems

AJ Miller/Staff Writer
Many seniors are heading into college next year without deciding what career they want to pursue during the course of their life. Besides the few who have their mind set, the rest of us are left to ponder all the options.

You want to choose something not just based on money, but something you enjoy. Something you can see yourself doing twenty years down the road and still be enjoying it just as much.

With the recession official now, many employers are cutting jobs.
No one knows just how long this recession will last. The Auto Industry is on the edge of collapse, and a resolution to the financial crisis still in the works.

The airlines, railroads, subway system, all our ways of travel are behind in the times and need great improvement.
With our country in trouble, this creates many opportunities for us.

America is looking for new entrepreneurs with new ideas to help fix this country. Also, most of the Baby Boomer generation is facing retirement. That again opens more jobs for us.

I have had a taste of the recession myself. I was working at Steak N’ Shake in Waterloo up until they closed.

We were always busy it seemed. But the CEO of Steak N’ Shake decided they needed to cut back, so they closed the bottom twenty stores that weren’t making enough profit. We were one of them. Now I am laid off and receiving unemployment.
Yes the recession is official, and is affecting many Americans. But if we open our eyes a little, we have so many opportunities in front of us.

Our countries major industries need help. They are looking at college graduates to hire and bring them new ideas and new innovations.

What a perfect opportunity for many students. An idea or innovation can make you millionaire and that’s what our major industries need.
Let’s help fix our country.

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