Book club enters its second year

Ally Miller/Staff Writer

The second chapter of the CFHS book club has been opened this year, and librarian Kim Traw said she generally has about 12 people attend regularly.

Last year was the first year of book club, and the number of participants is about the same.

Currently, book club is discussing Generation Dead by Daniel Waters and The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold.

The Lovely Bones is currently being made into a movie which is due to come out in December.

“Some kids would consider this activity to be rather ‘geeky,’” Traw said. “The students who attend don’t consider their love of books to be ‘geeky’— or they don’t care. It’s a good way for them to meet other people who share their interest.”

The book club plans to discuss two books per month, and usually members will suggest books that they have read. Then the group hones in on one as the focus of their next book talk.

It also depends on the number of copies they can get their hands on.

Traw said there should be a book club because, “people who enjoy reading books also enjoy talking about those books. It’s also a good way for students to socialize and get to know each other.”

Book club doesn’t just talk about books the whole time, either.

“We always have snacks. We talk about a lot of things — not just the book. We also talk about movies, and last year we had a six-hour movie marathon in the auditorium one Friday night.”

Book club meets every Thursday. The next meeting is Oct. 22 after school.

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