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Class of 2014
  • Episode 76

    This week we have the student senate election speeches for the upcoming election, a collection of students praises for the staff appreciation breakfast and pictures...

  • Episode 75

    This week has stories on the new garden, seniors’s plans after graduation, the All City Band concert, crappie fishing, pictures from the Tiger Trot and...

  • Episode 74

    This week has a story on Mr. Frenna’s play and podcasts from Amber, Jackson, Becky and Cole.

  • Episode 73

    Episode 73 has features on the goon challenge, senior prom at Bickford Cottage, prom dress savings testimonies, airsoft rifling at Floyd, predictions for Iowa’s next...

  • Episode 72

    This week there’s jazz band, March Madness regrets, prom surprises, MLB previews, breakfast ideas and a Frozen throwdown.

  • Episode 71

    Featuring the physics competition, art cart, fishing, Chinese robotics visitors, NBA MVP picks and podcast on sock buns.

  • Episode 70

  • Episode 69

  • Episode 68

  • Episode 67