Art club’s sale benefits special needs classes

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The holiday season is upon us at last. While department stores, jewelers, and what seems like every other business on the planet keep telling us now is the time to buy, buy, buy, we need to remember that the holidays should be, more importantly, the time to help others.

Last Saturday, the art club and the resource art class, with Lisa Klenske as their adviser, did their part by raising money to support special needs students at our school. From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the high school, they sold student-made paintings, pottery and other crafts at their holiday art sale.

We think this is an effective way to help out others in our school and promote the art club at the same time. In past years, the art club has not been very popular among students. This year it has gained momentum again, with many more enthusiastic students participating in its meetings on Tueday afternoons. The art club provides a great creative outlet for students as well as a very relaxing atmosphere. So far, they have provided decorations for the homecoming dance and raised money by selling arts and crafts on the Art a la Carte at the play and conferences as well.

The art sale provides a win-win situation: students can showcase their work while supporting a good cause. We commend the resource art class and art club for their generosity this holiday season. It shows us those students recognize that when you get past all the commercialization of the holidays, what really matters is caring about others and helping those in need.

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