Young drivers should adhere to limits of provisional licenses

Lately, young drivers have truly been reckless and disobedient. 

Peet drivers who have their school permit are only allowed to go on their own special route to go places for school or school events. But lately, Peet students have been breaking that rule. Peet students have been traveling off their route to places like McDonalds since it is close to the junior high. They have also been traveling with more than one passenger in their cars, which is also something they are not allowed to do according to the rules.

Not only have Peet students broken the rules, they’ve also done some crazy things with their cars the rules say nothing about. Students have even gone as far as hitting each other with cars and hitting school property like the trapshooting trailer. This type of behavior should not be tolerated at all, especially in a school environment. 

At first what Peet student drivers might see as harmless fun could definitely lead to a serious tragedy, and, of course, this reckless driving has already led to damaging school property. We urge the Peet students to change their behavior, and we also urge teachers and other students to start calling this behavior out.

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