What is a memorable gift that you’ve received?

Senior Annabeth Volz

“I got a backpack from my parents for Christmas back in elementary. It was my favorite gift I’ve received because it was really useful for me.”


Junior Jazlynn Bernardy

“My favorite thing that I received is books from my parents.”


Senior Kelsey Hoeppner

“The best gift I received was a Polaroid camera from my aunt and uncle last year during Christmas.”


Junior Cynthia Petersen

“My favorite present was when I was like six, my parents got me a puppy.”


Junior Joey Stichter

“My dad got me boots for my 16th birthday and I’ve worn them ever since.”


Junior Steven Williams

“When I turned 16, my grandpa got me a 1996 Jeep Grand Cherokee.”


Senior Jasiah Clark

“One day, I went home and my parents surprised me with a Jeep.”

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