Sky Like Fire pursuing music after high school

Donald Halbmaier/Staff Writer

A growing trend in today’s generation is taking a break from schooling after graduating high school. Two students from Cedar Falls High School are doing just that.

Senior Andy Weld and junior Jarek Bakken are planning on putting a break on their educational careers after high school to pursue their other passion: music.

Sky Like Fire (SLF) is a worship-based alternative band stationed here in Cedar Falls. Formed by the band’s three core members — Weld, drums; Bakken, guitar; and Michael Rogers, vocals and guitar — SLF has been playing around town leading their church in worship weekly.

The now quartet after their adding of bassist Ethridge Netz, SLF just finished recording its first EP on Saturday at Orchard Hill church.

“We recorded from 10-12 hours on Saturday with Justin Bartlett to get our six-song EP finished. It is mainly original music,” Weld said.

Having a member in band with prior recording is a plus for SLF. Weld has his instrumental band named Rovan in which he has recorded with local producer Christian Brown.
“We’ve used influences and parts from Rovan in our original material,” Weld said.

Admiration for the band has spread rapidly throughout the community.

“Support has been great! Our families have always supported our music and the long hours we put into not only leading worship two or three times every week at Orchard Hill Church but our original music too. Tim Walsten has been a mentor to us through our younger years and now and is always right beside us giving us feedback and advice and keeping us in line. The church has been very grateful to us as well, letting us use their many resources,” Bakken said.

With Netz and Rogers already out of high school and Weld graduating this year, it has made Bakken make the decision to graduate early next year. Bakken made attempts to graduate at the end of his junior year, but to no success.

“I’ve talked to my counselor about it, and to graduate as a junior not only do you need all of your credits but you have to go before the school board and present all the reasons why you should be graduating, but it was too much work,” Bakken said.

SLF all intend on moving out of state later next year to see where the band takes them.

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