Seniors fondly recall CFHS musical lessons

Many seniors have participated in music programs since elementary school, but last week the time came to let those school connections to music go. 

I’ve been involved in choir since sixth grade, so about six years now,” senior choir student Katherine Lawson said. “It’s really just been amazing having the opportunity to make music every day and to practice what I love. I will definitely miss the relationships the most, whether it’s getting to stand next to your best friend during a song or laughing at a stupid joke, those small moments are my favorite. Something that I’ve taken away from being in choir is that reward doesn’t come without hard work. You have to put effort in to see the progress, but once you get there, it’s a pretty awesome feeling.” 

Band student Jill Kestner is also going to miss Cedar Falls music. “I have been in band since 5th grade. I play bassoon in concert band, bari sax in jazz band, and in marching band I am a part of the color guard. The thing I have enjoyed most about band is the relationships you form within your sections and the music we play.”

Some of the most memorable aspects for Kestner occurred without instruments. “During jazz season, the saxophone section would often go to McDonalds for ice cream after Monday night rehearsal, and that created a tight bond within our section. In marching band camp over the summer, sections eat lunch together. The color guard always goes to HuHot the day after the state fair parade.” 

Even today, Kestner tunes into old tunes that she was involved with. “I still listen to the music we played because it becomes so familiar, and listening to it brings back good memories of playing music in the middle of the school day. I will miss getting to work together as a band toward a common goal of making music sound as best as possible. It was really fun getting parts that were challenging and working toward improving your playing and skills individually in order to make the band sound better as a whole.” 

Like Lawson, Kestner learned that results come from effort. “The biggest thing I took away from my experience in band was that hard work pays off in the end. I started playing bassoon my sophomore year of high school, and picking up a new instrument and then playing with people who had been playing their instruments for five or more years was discouraging at times. I kept practicing and working toward getting better, and in my senior year I was able to play the hard music easily.”

Choir student Annie Brown is also missing her musical connections. “I’ve been in choir my whole junior high and high school career. I enjoyed growing my voice and musical technique. I enjoyed the community and the friendships I’ve created. I will definitely miss the thrill of the concerts and the reward of working so hard and finally singing all we worked on at the concert. What I took away from choir is that hard work really really really does pay off.” 


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