Thrift store creates unique opportunities

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A group of students in Kris Brimm and Bridget Bakula’s classes are taking it upon themselves to start a thrift store here at the high school with donations from students and teachers. This store is a great way to find quick and cheap clothing for people in need of it, or for those just looking for a good buy.

But that is not all that these classes are doing to help out. Any clothing that cannot be repaired will be cut up and made into a quilt to be sent to Haiti.

Although we might not think of all the people that are truly in dire need of clothing, there are many students that could really use some essential items that they are currently lacking. Besides that, there are many students that are just looking for a good deal.

Thrift stores have steadily been growing in the past few years. Right now in America there are 25,000 thrift stores, a rate that has been growing 5 percent every year according to the National Association of Resale & Thrift Stores. Many of us have scored deals at Goodwill or local second hand clothing stores, and it’s no surprise that we are happy when we find such awesome deals.

Thrift stores are amazing places to shop at. One can find anything from retro dresses from the 70’s, to current items from this season. Everyone should support this endeavor because, who knows? You might find something.

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