State patrol cracks down on texting while driving at CFHS

Three state patrol cars stationed on Division Street cracked down on students texting while driving on Thursday, Sept. 2.

Junior Leah Naber was one person who got pulled over that morning. She was going 31 in a 25 speed zone and was wearing no seat belt. “I didn’t think I would get pulled over for going 31 in a 25, but I did,” Naber said. She had two people with her in the car who were also surprised when it happened.

“They’re doing their job,” said Kevin Stewart, a local drivers education instructor about the state patrol being at the high school.

He explained how the high school is a good place to find people breaking the law.

Some students have mixed feelings about the state patrol cars being at the high school. “It was smart of the state patrol, but it would be bad to get caught,” junior Shelby Mckenzie said, but some students said they thought it was unfair that they were getting targeted.

“We get blamed for being reckless and careless drivers when we are not,” junior Kelsey McCrea said.

Junior Lauren Berger agreed.

“I have seen older people text and drive. They just expect teenagers to because were more in touch with technology.”

Stewart also brought up that the overall quality of driving has decreased over the past 10 years with the increased number of distractions affecting people’s driving abilities.

“You shouldn’t be doing things that distract you while driving” Stewart said.

However, Stewart also said that sometimes you have to take call that are important.

“If I’m driving and someone calls that I need to talk to, I will answer it,” Stewart said.

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