Intriguing vocals let new band dance into your hearts

florence and the machine

Rachel Sharkey/Staff Writer

Hitting a music rut can make your mind feel sick. The constant repetition of the same old songs can truly get to a person.

Luckily, newer and fresher music is always in abundance. One of those new and fresh bands to hit the United States music scene is Florence and the Machine.

The UK band is known for its indie/alternative/soul sound and feel. Female singer/song writer, Florence Welch is the lead singer. She is also accompanied by a backing band.

Although the band did not hit it big until this past year in the United States, you may have heard Florence and the Machine’s newest hit maker album in many popular television shows and movies.

Welch’s enchanting voice has been heard in the highly acclaimed British television series Skins as well as the television show Greys Anatomy.

Their music has also been on the Eat, Pray, Love and Twilight Saga: Eclipse soundtracks. The album providing all the screen worthy songs is titled “Lungs” and debuted in 2008.
Florence and the Machine hit it big when they were both nominated and performed at the MTV Music Video Awards. Welch performed the hit single, “Dog Days are Over.”

The song became an instant hit. They also ended up winning a VMA for the catchy single. The band completely stole the show and impressed the star packed audience.

Welch’s voice is fresh and beautiful. It is not a voice you hear when you turn on the radio to a top hits station.

Their songs make you want to move and dance, while also calming you inside.

“I love the singer’s voice, it sounds like chocolate! They have a really good sound,” junior Elley Bailey said.

“Their songs are uplifting. Her voice is perfect, and even if you don’t understand the words at first, the song still intrigues you,” junior Elizabeth Turcotte said, “and you can barely sit still when you listen to their songs.”

In an interview in March 2010, Florence and the Machine said they were in the works of a new album that would be recorded this month. Fans are excited for the new arrival.
Bailey is eagerly anticipating the updates. “Yeah, I will totally keep up with them.”

Now is the perfect time to listen to Florence and the Machine to end your music rut. Their music is an easy way to get some uplifting, feel good music in your life.

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