Sophomore provides steady beat to football team

Jared Hylton/Staff Writer

Tyler Way, a sophomore, has found ways to inspire classmates through his ability to rap. Way first began rapping at a sophomore football practice when teammates noticed his gift.
He was repeating Eminem verses when teammates realized he had the “flow” to rap.

Way has taken his raps to the next level; he now has seven different raps written out.

“I want to start putting some CDs out. Holly [Holmes] and Josh [Thompson] are going to make me some beats,” he said.

Way, who’s known by teammates and friends as T-Way, now has a rap up on YouTube, but “I just want people to ignore the video on YouTube. It wasn’t my best.”

The nickname T-Way is what Way said would be his stage name if he was ever given the opportunity to perform for a crowd.

“Someone on the football team started calling me T-Way and it stuck,” he said.

Way said he finds motivation for writing new raps every day. He carries a folder around with him to every class that contains the sacred raps he has written.

“When you see somebody standing up for what they believe in, you just want to rap about it,” he said.

Way definitely has influences on his rapping style. “Some people have said that I’m like Eminem. I think people see me and Eminem being similar because of our styles and the fact that we’ve both been through similar situations,” Way said.

Sophomore Conner Calhoun has also jumped on the Way Bandwagon. “He might have a future in rapping. The rhythm and some on the lyrics are a lot like Eminem’s,” Calhoun said.

Way said he plans on continuing to pursue his career in rapping and some day hopes to be signed. He’s also planning on entering the upcoming talent show for the food drive.

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