Dancing workers draw attention

lil caesars

Olivia Borsay/Staff Writer

If there is one thing about Little Caesars that no other fast food restaurant in the Cedar Valley can compete with, it’s their advertising style.

As many have probably already seen, Little Caesar’s specifically has workers that stand outside holding signs for their “Hot-n-ready” $5 pizza while dancing. Their low-priced pizza in conjunction with their method of advertising is definitely an effective way to catch consumers’ attention.

Little Caesars also is a cheap and convenient choice for students with lunch release. “It’s definitely better than the school lunch,” junior Katie Todd said.

The first Little Caesars in the Cedar Valley opened June 16, 2009. Located on University Avenue next to Hobby Lobby and McDonald’s, this pizza joint has been very successful. The most recently opened Little Caesars is located on First Street next to the Caribbean Tanning Salon. Some of the employees at this location have even started using instruments such as guitars and drums in addition to dancing.

Upon being hired at a Little Caesars, employees are offered the choice of either working inside or dancing. Dance shifts last three hours; however, employees are not required to work when it is dark or if there are poor weather conditions. To work at Little Caesar’s, you must be at least 16 years old and pass a drug test.

However, some may wonder how much skill it actually takes to stand outside and dance for passersby. Or their wages, for that matter.

“The people who dance outside of Little Caesars are way awesome,” said junior Laura Streicher. “I always wonder how much they get paid for that though.”

Many CFHS students are employed by Little Caesar’s as well. Junior Lucas Hamiliton, who works at the University Little Caesars location, says he enjoys working at Little Caesars. Hamilton greatly enjoyed his first Little Caesars dancing experience. He said, “I felt really free. A lot of people were excited to see someone dancing, so I liked it.”

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