Holidays bring bowl game fun

Jared Hylton

When some people think of winter break they probably envision opening presents, making cute little gingerbread men or spending time with family. I love doing all of that too, but I also look forward to college football’s bowl season. This year college football fans are in for a sweet treat.

The Tostitos BCS National Championship Game features a battle of the unbeatens — Auburn versus Oregon — in what has the potential to be one of the best bowl games of the year. Oregon is sporting a 12-0 record and a Pac-10 conference championship. Auburn, on the other hand, finished 13-0 and out-right won the SEC.

Auburn’s quarterback, Cam Newton, has been a center of controversy since he was first accused of taking money to play at Auburn. SEC commissioner Mike Slive announced Newton elgible to play, and that up to this point there isn’t enough information to be sure of anything. Oregon’s quick style of play headed by running back LaMichael James is sure to keep Auburn on its toes.

Another game with some noise surrounding it is the Outback Bowl featuring Urban Meyer’s Florida Gators and the Penn State Nittany Lions. Florida’s coach, Meyer, has already announced that he will be resigning after the Outback Bowl. Florida’s players will have an extra incentive when they meet Joe Paterno’s Nittany Lions.

And, of course, the Iowa Hawkeyes will be playing Missiouri in the Insight Bowl. The Hawkeyes, however, will be short-handed. Following the arrest of senior Iowa wide receiver Darrell Johnson-Koulianos (DJK), he was immediately suspended from all team activities. DJK was arrested on seven different accounts of drug-related charges. The absence of DJK will make Marvin McNutt the primary receiver for the Hawkeyes. The Missouri Tigers are 10-2, and Iowa is 7-5, but the now unranked Hawkeyes have lost their last three games — including one to Minnesota who finished second to last in the Big Ten — in disappointing fashion. Even without DJK, football fans should be in for a heck of a game.

This holiday season I’ll be doing what millions of other Americans will be doing — watching bowl games in the comfort of my house.

Footy pajamas; check.

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