Junior Leadership sponsored talent show to be held Dec. 18

Chandal Geerdes/Staff Writer

The first ever Junior Leadership sponsored charity talent show will be held on Saturday, Dec. 18 in the high school auditorium. All proceeds from the $5 admission fee will go to The House of Hope in Waterloo. Just like the food drive volleyball game, the participants also paid a $5 participation fee.

“It’s fun with a purpose behind it,” Junior Leadership adviser Marcey Hand said.

The auditions for the talent show were held for about a week and ended on Tuesday, Dec. 7.

Hand said she was pleased with the auditions and feels that there are many good candidates.

A few of these candidates include junior Alexandra Stewart, senior Tyler Chrusciel and the well known Dragon Slayers: senior Graham McClanahan, sophomore Raud Kashef and sophomore Evan Fairbanks.

Being nervous for the show is not on the minds of juniors Ben Bonwell and Alexandra Stewart.

“I’m not nervous. I think it’s going to be awesome,” Stewart said.

Both students also feel that the fact that the talent show is also a charity event makes it all the more important.

“It’s more than a good [idea]; it’s super good,” Bonwell said.

Most of the acts will be music related, either vocal or dance; however, resource teacher Dan Hensing plans to perform a stand up comedy.

“They said come up with a name for your act, and well it’s kind of funny: Living with Adult ADD,” Hensing said.

Hand and the other organizers involved are hoping for a great turnout since the show is a charity event.

“Fun, comfortable but not formal,” Hand said. “A good mix of staff, students and the community.”

In year’s past, there has not been a talent show at the high school. Junior Leadership decided this would be a great way to raise money and have fun at the same time.

With the help of emcees juniors Jayne Durnin and Ali Miller, light and sound seniors Hannah Eastman and Nick Miller, and Junior Leadership advisers Hand and Susan Considine, the show should be great for all to enjoy.

“The talent show lets you see students in another light. Different students, talents and backgrounds coming together for one cause,” Hand said.

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