Tigers take a bite out of the competition at Mercer Invite

Marie Deviney/Staff Writer

Cedar Falls Men’s Swim team participated in the Mercer Invite on Dec. 18 in Iowa City.

The Tigers took first out of the 8 teams that were there. The team has been working hard in perfecting their techinque for the invite.

“I think they are a little tired but do it all to handle the competition. We work well as a team, its not just one or two of us.” said Coach Dick Marcussen.

And their hard work paid off. Even Coach Marcussen agreed.

”At this point we have played the top 10 teams and beat everyone of them. We can’t get cocky though, you know how people can get when they get to the top. We are happy where we are.” Marcussen said.

Senior Austin Abbas said the toughest team there was Iowa City High.

“They have a lot of good free-stylers and it was hard to match up.” Abbas said. The Tigers won seven out of the elven events on Saturday, which gave them first place.

“We want to place high for state rankings, and so far we are ranked the highest team in the state.” Marcussen said.

As for how the team did overall, Coach Marcussen wouldn’t change one thing.

“We did what we had to do. No athlete does everything one hundred percent right but that’s what we aim for,” said Marcussen.

The team’s next big meet will not be held until after the holidays, but they plan to train hard like the tigers they are, to be prepared for the second half of the season.

“We just got to keep working on things. In swimming little things are important and we can’t make mistakes.” Marcussen said.

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