Dance Drama: Senate officer responds to dance complaints

Sara Gabriele/Editor-in-Chief

The homecoming dance is approaching, but some students are less than satisfied with this year’s informal dance theme.

“I wish it was formal,” junior Margarita Meza said. “We don’t have anything else that’s formal besides prom, which most sophomores can’t go to. Other schools do it; why can’t we?”

Student senate secretary Kaitlyn Trampel said that keeping the dance informal was a tough decision, but one that was made for several reasons.

One push for keeping the dance informal this year was simply tradition.

“It has been an informal homecoming throughout all of the officers’ high school careers,” Trampel said. “We’ve all really enjoyed going with groups, dressing up in costumes and have found the dances to be a lot of fun.”

Trampel said that maintaining the light, fun atmosphere of homecoming was another push behind keeping the dance informal.

“One thing we were worried about with changing the dance to formal so suddenly was that students might feel pressure to go with dates, when in the past, people have mostly gone with groups of friends,” Trampel said. “We wanted to make sure homecoming still had the same light, fun dance it always had.”

In addition, a logistical reason was a driving force behind the decision. Senate plans to host a winter formal this year, in part to compensate for an informal homecoming.

“Since the winter months can get kind of dull, we decided a winter formal held around February would be good way to break them up. The formal nature of it will be in lieu of a formal homecoming.”

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