40 CFHS students make All-State ensembles

CHOIR: Sarah Welter (3rd year)

McKenzie Sesterhenn (2nd year)

Erin Keiser (1st year)

Amanda Harwood (1st year)

Makaela Burke (1st year)

Kaitlyn Smith (1st year)

Alexandra Stewart (1st year)

Jackson Nichols (1st year)

Zach Souhrada-Rogers (1st year)

James Stortz (1st year)

Jacob Sund (1st year)

Devon Mettlin (1st year)

Spencer Betts (1st year)

Katelyn Hahn (Alternate)


ORCHESTRA: Gwen Farber (4th year)

Erik Olsen (4th year)

Ann Fienup (3rd year)

Katie Yang (2nd year)

Kristen DeSerano (2nd year)

Hanno Fenech (1st year)

Andrea Anderson (1st year)

Abi Rowland (1st year)

Rex Ju (1st year)

Aaron Jepsen (1st year)

Anton Oelmann (Alternate)


BAND: Ian Abbott (3rd year)

Justin Marshall (3rd year)

Jason Geisler (3rd year)

Joshua Carlo (2nd year)

Kelsey Umthun (2nd year)

Betsy Solon (2nd year)

Rhydian Talbot (2nd year)

Luke Zahari (2nd year)

Roy Ju (2nd year)

Jesse Streicher (2nd year)

Catherine Isley (2nd year)

Jenna Veenstra (1st year)Nathaniel Welshons (1st year)

Emily Schroeder (Alternate)

Rachel Rose (Alternate)

The All-State Festival will be held on Nov. 17-19 at the Hilton Colosseum in Ames.

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