Fall play offers play on emotions

Katherine Mayhew/Staff Writer

With a mere 10 days before the premiere of this year’s fall play, the cast and crew are preparing for another exciting show.

This year’s production consists of three one acts, including two comedic and a one drama.

One of the comedies, “Depart Mental,” is running first, followed by the drama, “The Why,” then the final comedy, “Bob, I want you.”

Play director Michelle Rathe said, “Sandwiching the tragic comedy between the comedies allows the audience to be moved and yet still leave laughing.”

Junior Jesse Hoffman agreed.

“The one acts are a good contrast between the intensity of ‘The Why.’

I also really like how they act like bookends to the show,” Hoffman said.

“Depart Mental” explores the difference between what people say and what they actually think.

The play takes place in a department store where workers and customers say what politeness demands them to say, but also reveal what they are thinking.

“It’s a perfect mix of witty humor and crazy surprises,” sophomore Madison Lang said.

One-act drama “The Why” takes an episodic approach to tell its story.

“This play is tragic because it delves into why a school shooting happens, but it is also humorous because it takes a satirical, tongue-in-cheek poke at the media, the gun activists and others like those who try to ignore the problems in society.

Blending humor, drama, live music performances and an issue that involves teens and adults, this play allows an audience to truly experience a gamut of emotions, to feel a true catharsis,” Rathe said.

Senior Dakota Abel said that “The Why,” “Puts something serious in a new perspective.”

Another senior play participant Nate Hua said, “I think it’s going to be fantabulous this year because it’s a drama.”

Both the plays in last year’s fall production were also dramas.

“I think dramas let people act critically and use introspection.

And it’s a good cast.” Hua said.

Sophomore Anna Hubbard said, “It’s a really touching story.

It’s heart-ripping but has comedy at the same time.”

In the final play “Bob, I want you,“ the characters all want Bob, but only if he changes to fit each of their expectations.

“The audience is reminded that we should just accept people for who they are,”said Rathe.

Bob, I want you subtly conveys this message behind its comedy.

“I think the one acts are really comical and will bring the audience a good laugh,” junior Alea Davis said.

“People should come to see this play because it is one of the few theater experiences that will allow them to laugh, cry and question just how much of themselves is portrayed on the stage.

Many of the performances will leave a powerful, lasting impression on the audience.

I promise, no person will leave the performance without laughter, tears or both,” Rathe said.

“I think it’s amazing.

I think the actors are amazing.

See it once; see it twice; see it three times.

It isn’t showing three times, so see it twice,” sophomore Carrsan Morrissey said.

The plays will run Thursday, Nov. 10 and Saturday, Nov. 12 at 5:30 in the high school auditorium.

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