Green house receives renovation

Katherine Mayhew/Staff Writer

A selection of students and teachers are working to renovate the greenhouse into working use.

The CFHS greenhouse, located in back of the science office across the hall from the biology rooms, has deteriorated in its years of disuse.

Math teacher Ethan Wiechmann, science teacher Scott Bohlman, and social studies teacher Chad Van Cleve came together to begin renovation of the greenhouse (this year?).

They have removed unused things cluttering the space, put in large areas of compost and repaired things such as the ventilation system.

Eventually, the greenhouse will be open to classes, experiments, and any students who want to work with plants.

They hope that all science students will eventually be able to work in the greenhouse.

“[Our hope is] every class will be able to use it in some degree.

Maybe it will not always be used in class, but it’s a great extension,” Bohlman said.

Through this greenhouse, students who want to can learn the basics of plants in a more hands-on way than is otherwise possible.

It is Wiechmann, Bohlmann and Van Cleve’s intention that students will eventually take over the greenhouse, and it will just be a resource to them.

These teachers received some money for their renovations from Principal Rich Powers, but they have paid for additional expenses out of their own pockets.

Van Cleve said he believes the skills involved in working with plants are good for anyone to have.

They promote self-sufficiency and being “green.”

Starting October (10th), Wiechmann, Bohlman and Van Cleve are showing a group of students how to run the greenhouse and begin planting.

Seniors Donald Halbmaier and Lucas Payne and sophomore Eric Davis are the students starting it off.

All three students have interest in getting involved with the greenhouse.

“I think it’s a different, cool activity at high school, and it’s nice to see the room being used.

It took a lot of work to get the room into usable condition,” Halbmaier said.

Eventually, any student interested will be able to come in before, during or after school to work with plants.

At this point, they do not know what they will do with the produce, but some have ideas about selling the vegetables and flowers for money to buy new seed.

No one knows exactly how the greenhouse will turn out, but the possibilities are now in the students’ hands.

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