After school program created to assist struggling students

Katherine Mayhew/Staff Writer

CFHS teachers prepare to start an after school program helping students with academics.

This program will work to “help students make up missing work, points they’ve lost and help them get their grades up before they become final at semester,” special needs teacher Bridget Bakula said.

At this point, the program has no specific goals other than helping students raise their grades through a combination of specialized assistance and a stress-free environment clear of distractions.

Because this program is just starting, it will focus on sophomores and juniors, but they hope to involve seniors as soon as possible.

Any student can request specialized instruction on a variety of subjects.

Students can seek assistance through this program by their guidance councilor’s referral, or at their own request.

The program is completely voluntary.

Even if a student’s councilor refers them to the guided assistance, students have the option to refrain from participating in the program.

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