Class creates cookbook fundraiser

Sandra Omari-Botang/Feature Editor

For those looking for a low-priced quality gift for someone this Christmas, the new CFHS cookbook may be right up their allies.

With recipes ranging from breakfast meals all the way to desserts, aspiring cooks can purchase this complete cookbook for $5 from resource teachers Bridget Bakula in room 31 or Katie Walsworth in room 11.

Anyone can also talk to secretary Jane Carter in the principal’s office about purchasing one as well.

The profit from the cookbooks will be beneficial to the students in resource classes.

“We’re using the money to be able to go on class field trips, contribute to cooking and to other things that cost money in the classroom,” Bakula said.

With their students strongly in mind, Bakula and Walsworth incorporated their cookbook project into the classrooms.

“It’s a good way to get everyone involved.

It helped the students work on their typing and formatting skills since they were the ones in charge of typing and editing the cookbook,” Bakula said.

“It was a lot of fun because we got to hear students opinions on the recipes.

It was also a good way to enhance their skills in an interesting way.”

Class of 2014

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