In the Holiday Spirit: Shopping coming faster than expected

Mikayla Foland/Staff Writer

The holidays are just around the corner, literally.

A majority of stores already have their Christmas decorations displayed in hopes to keep up with the craziness of this season’s holiday shoppers.

Although time is just now creeping into the month of Novemeber, I can only imagine when the stress starts to build up.

Parents not only have to worry about what to get for their kids, but they also have to come up with gift ideas for their parents, siblings, in-laws, nieces, nephews; the list goes on and on.

Some may say that it’s too early to start.

We just accomplished getting through Halloween with having to buy candy and costumes, and now many families have Thanksgiving dinners to plan before the month of December even arrives.

I can understand if a person sees something that would be a perfect gift for a member of their family, but full blown Christmas shopping in (and WAY before) November could just add unnecessary stress to a life already on overload.

Early Christmas shopping could also decrease the level of stress because that way people don’t have to worry about getting everything done at the last minute.

Also starting your Christmas shopping early presents the idea that you don’t have to buy everything within one week.

You’re allowed to take your time and find good quality gifts for your loved ones.

There are always plenty of sales going on throughout the year, so you don’t have to exceed budgets planned for this year’s holiday.

Black Friday is an excellent example, but this day is probably the craziest shopping day of the entire year.

Whichever way you plan doing this season’s Christmas shopping, always take into consideration the personality of the person you’re buying for.

This way you can purchase a gift they will truly enjoy, no matter what you went through to obtain it.

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