Hunger Games trailer goes viral

Rhydian Talbot/Staff Writer

Behind every viral movie is a rampant horde of followers. Fanboys and fangirls raise the anticipatory atmosphere of the film with their obsessive devotion to the fictional world and its characters. Hype surrounding the Harry Potter and Twilight franchises flung closeted followers into the open, exposing the level of devotion in dedicated fandoms. However, the Potterphiles have had their spot in the sun, and the Twihards should shrink away from said sunlight to protect their sparkle-laden skin. It’s time for a new era of fanatics to take to the theaters and message boards: world, meet the Mockingjays.

Mockingjays, the moniker given to fans of the dystopian Hunger Games novels, have something to Tweet about: the film adaptation of the popular series is approaching it’s March 23 premiere, and production company Lionsgate released a new promotional trailer before the start of the holiday season. Within 24 hours of its release, over 1.5 million Mockingjays flocked to view the trailer, feeding an ever-growing flame of anticipation for the thriller’s big screen adaptation.

Released a mere three days before Stephanie Meyer’s The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 hit theaters, the preview for Games provides an opportunity to compare and contrast the newbie versus it’s blood-sucking counterpart.
The two series have been closely linked because of their shared focus on a teenage heroine and ensuing love triangles; all comparisons stop there, however.
Twilight’s damsel in distress, Bella Swan, sacrifices her immortal soul to a vampiric dreamboat who spends over half the series restraining himself from tearing her limb from limb. Katniss, the B.A. leader of Games fame, sacrifices herself to protect her sister from certain death; the love affair she embarks in is merely a mind game as she cleverly panders to the wants of wealthy benefactors. Collins writes a series centered around themes of government rebellion and self-preservation, whereas Meyers focuses on such trite ideas as everlasting love and emotional dependence.

As the theater doors have already opened (or shattered) for Part 1 of the Breaking Dawn premiere, the Twihards have had their a penultimate hour and a half of bliss. Come March 23, all interest in Bella’s musings will have been sucked dry by the Mockingjays.

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