Cyberbully: Movie still holds important message for today’s teens


The movie summary is this: It’s about a girl who’s in high school, and she lives in St. Louis. One of the popular girls said something about Taylor, the main character, and she posted something that seemed innocent. It turns out that the popular girl got really hurt by it and said something back (like how all chain reactions start). Over time, the popular girl got the whole school to turn against Taylor, even her best friends. She was so overcome with sadness and distress that she was driven so far to almost take her own life.

So! Even though the movie was released a long time ago, (July of 2011), there are still some things that we can learn from it, even 10 years later. 

Words can do damage, whether they’re in person or over the internet, especially since most of us are talking to our friends over text nowadays. It’s good to think before you post something. When words are said over the internet, they can’t be erased or taken back, even if you delete the damage. If the person you were talking to screenshots it, then that’s out there forever. Not only that, but some things that people read about themselves or their friends, someone can’t unsee that, or unhear it. You don’t know how much your words really hurt until someone goes as far as to harm themselves because of it. 

Be more mindful of what you say. Don’t talk about your friends behind their backs because it’ll get back to them eventually. Once it does, it could be like the game “telephone” where the words get edited and misheard and the damage could be worse than what it might’ve been if you just said it to your friend themselves. Once more, be mindful of what you say to your friends and classmates, whether it’s about someone else or them. If you don’t watch what you post … someone may end up getting hurt.

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