Yuletide cheer meets economy

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Ah, yes. Christmastime is when people come together and forget their differences, exchange gifts and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. All is good.

But some people wouldn’t buy (pun intended) this explanation.

Advertising levels always defeat old records during The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year because sellers know this is when they can make the greatest profits. And why? This country runs on materialism. Like it or not, “having things” is one central player in this culture’s game, and when an excuse to spend money appears, many of us grab it and don’t let go. Our need to buy stuff may seem an insecurity, but it also presents its own great advantage from a larger perspective.

The deeper purpose behind all this buying is that it helps our economy. Clearly, money flows are good. So when sellers bust out some of their greatest ads of all time and make money from them, one can safely conclude that the economy is benefiting as a result.

An economic explanation for Christmas may seem sterile, yes, but let’s be realistic. Without such a momentous holiday, people certainly would not leave their homes en masse to buy each other stuff, all the while putting their dollars back into circulation. It’s a bit of a spark plug for an immobile economy.

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