Hang up the sweats, bust out the sweaters

In a world where guys are typically wearing athletic shorts and flip-flops with knee high socks, the fashionable few become the minority in an ever-changing society. It is a shame that the more men aren’t taking the risk of dressing up.

Men’s fashion is not a bad thing. It can be as simple as throwing on a scarf and nice sweater or a button up shirt tucked in with some slacks. Ladies tend to like a man who looks good dressed up as well as relaxed. People need not to overdress themselves and go all out in a suit and tie. All that is needed is a nice, preferably soft, sweater, and somewhat dressy pants. People will dish out compliments as if some one is paying them to say flattering things. Most people will agree that compliments are pretty nice to receive. So why not take the chance and see what happens? Who knows, maybe one special lady will start to think of you as more than just that goofy boy and more as a man with a child side.

Sweat pants and jeans are the most popular choice this time of year; it is cold outside so of course people will be bundling up. Now, I’m no stranger to sweat pants or jeans. I love wearing sweat pants on days when I just want to relax and stay cozy and warm. Don’t go home and burn all non-stylish things and upgrade that wardrobe. Just make a couple of new additions. With winter coming up, sweaters will be ideal to keep warm and fashionable.

Fashion isn’t a universal thing. What people like to wear can differ from person to person, but things just need to be a little more elegant and classy. In general, people have gotten to be a little too lazy overall. That doesn’t mean that everyone is lazy or primitive in their fashion habits, it just means that as a whole, we could do more than just let our wardrobes slip off into a world of gym shorts and tank tops.

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