Multiple departments offer new classes

Sandra Omari-Boateng/Feature Editor

Next year, new classes will be introduced in multiple departments throughout the school.

In the business department, there will be two new classes offered: marketing concepts (which will replace the already existing sales class) and sports entertainment marketing. The latter has already caught the interest of students.

“Sports and entertainment marketing is a great opportunity for students to get exposed to this booming industry; it helps teach how to plan for events and marketing to be successful.

Sales and Marketing are both popular classes, so I think this could be another. Anybody interested in business would interested in either class,” business education teacher Brad Remmert said.

Over at Peet and Holmes Junior High, general algebra is no longer taught. This has led to one change in the CFHS math department: instead of pre-algebra, the high school will offer algebra fundamentals class. This class will help the students who need extra time to learn the concepts of algebra, and will be spread out over the course of two years.

However, with new classes coming in, some of the current classes will no longer be available. In the science department geology and astronomy will no longer be offered; in their place will be three other similar classes. Environmental science will now be offered as a semester class, with biology as a prerequisite. Another class, earth science, will require students to have taken Algebra I. The third class, integrated science, will not require a prerequisite.

For students who take the course called Project Lead the Way, there is a new class called C.I.M. (Computer Integrated Manufacturing). There is a three class sequence for Project Lead the Way, and this will be the second of the three. This means that the sequence will change for everyone taking the three class sequence.

“Students need to get into their Infinite Campus and start to look at the classes they would like to start taking. They need to start choosing electives, classes that will help them meet their high school requirements and look into college requirements,” counselor Susan Langan said. “The reason for all these changes is because the Iowa Core has started raising requirements.”

These new classes will be a choice during registration for next fall. Registration for next year’s classes will be on Feb. 6 and Feb. 7 for juniors and Feb. 8 and Feb. 9 for sophomores.

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