CFHS robotics trounces regional competition

Last weekend, the CFHS “SWARTdogs” led by physics teacher Kenton Swartley proudly left the Minnesota 10,000 Lakes Regional FRC (FIRST’s Robotics Competition) in first place after several days of jumpy nerves and heartbeats.

On Thursday, the first day of the regional competition, all teams were frantic preparing themselves for the next day’s matches. Friday’s 98 qualification matches placed all teams in competitive rankings, and on Saturday, the remaining winning teams from the previous day’s qualification matches faced each other in elimination rounds. This also is when the SWARTdogs were selected by the second-seeded team to join a three-team alliance and won the elimination brackets, topping off the entire regional.

The SWARTdogs won the regional’s award for best website and the Industrial Design Award sponsored by General Motors as well. They will compete in the FIRST Championship Event in Atlanta, Ga., in April for the third consecutive year.

The great deal of work that goes into preparing for the Minnesota 10,000 Lakes Regional FRC is astonishing. Few high school robotics teams receive recognition at the national level. We enthusiastically support the SWARTdogs and wish them well at Internationals later this month.

(AP Photo/Amy Sancetta)

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