Junior offered football opportunities

Ross Pierschbacher has been on varsity since he was a freshman. Pierschbacher has already had many college offers, and he is yet to complete his junior season. Pierschbacher has only been improving on his skills. This summer he attended a few camps and got invited to Nike’s The Opening. He went up to Wisconsin for a day, then headed to Champaign, Ill., where he was named camp MVP. Pierschbacher was then invited to Nike’s The Opening.

“I was really anxious to compete in Oregon and show people that I belonged there,” Pierschbacher said.

He also explained that Nike’s The Opening had been the most beneficial to him. With coaches like  Ndamukong Suh and the Pouncey brothers, there is no question at the level of experience the coaches had. At these camps Pierschbacher fine tuned his existing skills and explained that there were a lot of older big time recruits there, so it meant a lot to him.

As far as colleges go, Pierschbacher has not committed to any yet and said that after football season is over he’ll start thinking about them. He explained that his main goal is to win the championship. With a very experienced line, Pierschbacher said if they play to their potential, they will be better than last year.

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