Mushroom hunting season begins

Mushroom hunting is a fun thing to do outside if you know what to look for when the time is right. 

When most people think of wild mushrooms they probably think of every mushroom that they are told to avoid, which is a fair argument. Most mushrooms are in fact very dangerous. 

The most commonly known mushrooms that you will find while mushroom hunting for edible mushrooms are pheasant back, chicken of the woods, golden oysters and grey oysters. This is because they all grow on trees. 

The one mushroom that is considered a delicacy are none other than the morel mushroom. These mushrooms are found at the base of dead hard wood trees when it is hot and damp, and the most common place to find them is at the base of dead elm trees. These mushrooms are highly toxic if eaten raw but are considered to be one of the best eating mushrooms when fried in the state of Iowa. 

All of the mushrooms you can find tend to have a nutty flavor and are excellent when fried, so if you’re ever in Hartman Reserve or in the woods somewhere, keep an eye out but make sure you know what you are looking for.

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