Spring Fishing season draws to close

This spring has been just a mess. Bowfishing has been hard because the water is so low, and fishing has also been hard for the same reasons, but fishing has started to get better, and fish have started to bite, such as this really pretty little yellow bluegill.
Depending on the spots you go, you will catch multiple types of fish. Technically, there are a lot of different fish in almost all of our bodies of water because, for the most part, they all connect to the river where the fish come from. This big pike was caught in a lake in Hartman Reserve.
There are a lot of different fish that are good for eating. A lot of people believe that crappie are one of the best eating freshwater fish, but that’s just an opinion. Crappie are typically irritating to catch because they usually only eat minnows, but during spawning season when they come up to the shallow waters to nest, they will eat almost anything.
When and if you go fishing, you can sometimes find some strange things. This soft shell turtle was lying in the middle of the road. It looked as if it was hit by a car because it had just a little bit of blood on its back, but it turns out it was fine, and when it was brought to the water, it just swam away.

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