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Have you seen the red and white “No Wiggins” signs across town? David Wiggins is an Iowa Supreme Court Justice up for retention this year. Judges are appointed, not elected, but they face periodic retention votes to keep their spots on the bench. This year there is a campaign to oust Wiggins.

He was one of seven Iowa supreme court justices who ruled in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage in 2009 in the Varum v. Brien case. The unanimous decision among the justices proves that they firmly believed banning same-sex marriage was against the Constitution.

In 2010, Iowa voters cast out three of the seven judges when they were up for retention two years ago. Now, Wiggins is the only judge up for retention and he should keep his robe.

Getting rid of a judge based on one court ruling challenges everything about America’s judicial system. Judges deliver rulings directly by interpreting the Constitution. Judges should not have to make decisions with pressures on them from the public. The Iowa judges could ultimately make altered rulings if they intend to hold on to their position and please the public at the same time. This is not right or just.

Former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum visited Iowa Monday to  show his support of the “No Wiggins” bus tour making its way across the state. The sponsors of the tour include The Family Leader, and the National Organization for Marriage. The bus was boarded near the state capital while evangelical leader Bob Vander Plaats rallied for a repeat of the 2010 vote.

Another bus tour is stopping in the same locations, just trailing the anti-Iowa-judge one. Justice Not Politics is informing citizens about voting yes to Iowa judges.

Two years ago conservative groups raised $1 million on political campaigns against Iowa Supreme Court Chief Justice Marsha Ternus and justices Michael Streit and David Baker. These judges, like Wiggins, chose not to campaign. Their goal was to avoid dragging the judiciary into politics.

Vote yes to Iowa judges. Wiggins has been making court rulings at the Supreme Court level for nine years. He should not be punished for upholding the law, even if same-sex marriage is not popular with the majority of the population.

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