Food drive continues to show Tiger heart

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The Tiger Hi-Line staff would like to congratulate all of the students and staff who participated in the food drive. Boxes and boxes of canned food were hauled by many helping hands.

On Friday students loaded the truck throughout the day and on Monday leadership members unloaded the truck at the Northeast Iowa Food Bank.

The ways students contributed varied as they do every year, giving students with different talents opportunities to shine.

For the athletes, the student-staff volleyball game Thursday night was a fun environment where competition and a desire to help the hungry were present. Also, the Food Drive Relays were a huge success.

It was the first time students and teachers participated in track events as a way to raise canned foods for the food drive. The goal of raising $300 was not only met, it was almost doubled. The track races raised over $500.

For the artists, Crossroads Center hosted the Can Sculpture Contest in which students created shapes out of canned foods. Among the creations were a hand holding a can of food and a heart.

Other more general events did not take special skills to participate in. The penny jars placed in each room were a good way to bring in more money for the food drive. Also, the third hour challenge was especially competitive this year with the first and second place classes having class averages only tenths of a can away from each other.

This year was one more especially successful food drive. It is impressive to see that people from different backgrounds and different passions can come together to support a cause worth spending time and energy on.

The hungry people of the Cedar Valley will benefit greatly from the many hours students put in and the sacrifices they made.

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